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Founders with feet of clay another challenge for Pope’s reform campaign

Most observers of new movements in the Catholic Church would say they tend to share a number of characteristics, one of which is a strong cult of personality around the founder that tends to insulate such figures from suspicion and creates a series of disincentives for bringing forth accusations or complaints.

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University of Notre Dame revokes awards given to L’Arche founder Vanier

The University of Notre Dame Feb. 23 revoked the Notre Dame Award that was conferred upon Jean Vanier in 1994 after the L’Arche organization he established found credible allegations that Vanier sexually exploited six women. Vanier was the recipient of the third Notre Dame Award for worldwide humanitarian service. The university established the award in […]

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Vanier admirers ‘reeling’ from recent revelations of sexual abuse

Following revelations that Jean Vanier, famous for his work with those who have intellectual disabilities, had sexually abused six women, a woman who works in the field and appreciated Vanier’s contributions has said she is shocked, and that the organization he founded needs support.

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