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Category: Dark Night of the Soul

God is Still Close To Us, Even If He Feels Hidden

God is Still Close To Us, Even If He Feels HiddenHe departed and hid himself from them. — John 12:36 In the beginning, there was brightness in Paradise. The Maker spoke familiarly with Adam and Eve, even if they did not have the Beatific Vision. They were on wonderful terms with the Almighty, but only through His limited apparitions — that is, without showing fully […]

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Ora pro Nobis

David Warren: Faith ifeeds us. We may not know what is served in Heaven, but we do know “cafeteria Catholicism” will not be available.

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Why does my faith walk seem so lonely?

Dear Sister, Sometimes the living of my Catholic faith is a lonely walk for me. Why is that?  Am I doing anything wrong?  Sometimes I think, “Am I the only one feeling this way?” I’ve never had theology classes and would appreciate anything you could s…

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