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Category: Border Patrol

Catholic groups laud end of health measure affecting migrants

Catholic groups welcomed an announcement by the Biden administration confirming the May 23 end of a public health measure put in place at the start of the coronavirus pandemic that has kept asylum-seekers out.

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Ukrainians’ plight renews debate on health measure at U.S.-Mexico border

A Ukrainian family who was repeatedly denied entry into the U.S. by Border Patrol agents at the U.S.-Mexico border was allowed entry March 10, bringing back debate about a public health measure that keeps migrants out.

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On the border, locals mostly unfazed by alleged immigration ‘crisis’

A short walk up a hill at the end of S. 15th St. in Hidalgo, Texas, and two different realities exist. Local people and families enjoy a bike path, meanwhile, less than a hundred feet away, U.S. Army and Customs and Border Protection man what is considered a hotspot for attempted U.S.-Mexico border crossings.  

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Migrant families freed without court notice or any paperwork

Overwhelmed and underprepared, U.S. authorities are releasing migrant families on the Mexican border without notices to appear in immigration court or sometimes without any paperwork at all — a time-saving move that has left migrants confused.

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Birth on a riverbank: Woman’s ordeal shows risks at border

Merín, an undocumented immigrant from Honduras. gave birth to her daughter next to the Rio Grande, attended to by two Border Patrol agents, showing how lives routinely end up at risk at the U.S.-Mexico border.

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